AI for Medicine Research Group


Through our innovative projects, we aim to address critical challenges, accelerate medical discoveries, and improve patient outcomes. In this section, we proudly present our ongoing and completed projects that have been funded by esteemed organizations and grants. Each project represents a collaborative effort, bringing together experts in AI, medicine, and related disciplines to tackle complex problems at the intersection of technology and healthcare. If you’re interested in collaborating, partnering, or learning more about our research group, we encourage you to reach out to us.

Current Projects

Past Projects

Intelligenza artificiale per la predizione individuale:
Intelligenza artificiale per la predizione individuale: la dimensione frattale dell’encefalo nella atassia di Friedreich e nelle atassie spinocerebellari (SCA) nel network internazionale ENIGMA-Ataxia

Understanding the potential of brain Fractal Dimension as Ataxia marker, by Fondazione Telethon and Alma Mater Research Institute for Human-Centered Artificial Intelligence